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Most Recent

Walter Veith: From Crete To Malta
(5 DVDs, € 35.00, Item No. 9240)

We are living in tumultuous times. In this 5-part series with Professor Walter Veith we look at the movements in the religious world that are seeking to downgrade Protestantism and merge it into one ecumenical body.

In this compelling series From Crete to Malta, we will investigate recent events to see how prophecy is being fulfilled before our very eyes. What do the recent events on the world stage mean in light of Biblical prophecy? Is Islam rearing its head yet again? Are we reading the prophecies correctly? Examine the Antichrist’s tactics to gain control of the world.


Walter Veith: Life At Its Best
(5 DVDs, € 33.00, Item No. 9300)

This 5-part series takes an in-depth look at the impact of our food choices, the role of food additives, the dairy and meat industry, and how to implement a viable healthy lifestyle. Purchase the entire DVD series for one low price!

In an age in which the world is flooded with nutritional misinformation, Dr. Veith gives scientific answers to some of the questions which plague people seeking a healthier lifestyle.

1. Life At Its BestThe significance of nutrients; the importance of a whole food diet and secondary plant compounds for human health.(€  7.00, Item No. 9301)
2. Your Health Your ChoiceThe influence of lifestyle on health; drugs and common stimulants like tea and coffee;
role of food additives in allergic reactions, hyperactivity, and disease.
(€ 7.00, Item No. 9302)
3. Sitting On a Time BombThe „safety“ of animal products considering antibiotics, mad cows‘ disease and
infectious diseases.
(€ 7.00, Item No. 9303)
4. Udderly AmazingAre dairy products good for us?(€ 7.00, Item No. 9304)
5. Health and HappinessDoes vegetarianism offer a viable alternative for diets rich in animal products?(€ 7.00, Item No. 9305)


Walter Veith: The Genesis Conflict
(8 DVDs, € 50.00, Item No. 9100)

Evolution vs. creation, the origin of life, archaeology and the validity of the Bible.

1. The Earth in Time and Space(€ 7.00, Item No. 9101)
2. Universal Flood(€ 7.00, Item No. 9102)
3. Bones in Stones(€ 7.00, Item No. 9103)
4. Where Mammals Reigned(€ 7.00, Item No. 9104)
5. The Genes of Genesis(€ 7.00, Item No. 9105)
6. Creation to Restoration(€ 7.00, Item No. 9106)
7. A Day to be Remembered(€ 7.00, Item No. 9107)
8. A Spade Unearths the Truth(€ 7.00, Item No. 9108)


Christian Berdahl: The Distraction Dilemma
(5 DVDs, € 50.00, Item No. 1731)

God created music for us to enjoy and to build us up to have a closer fellowship with Him. Unfortunately, Satan hates this. In fact he wants the opposite, a drawing away from God. Now, if Satan was the Choir master in heaven do you think he knows a little bit about music? And if he knew the thing about music, we believe that this music is one of the greatest attacks from Satan and one that is probably closest to our hearts.

The Distraction Dilemma is the most up-to-date and inspired presentation on this topic.

Disc 1:1) Overture: Our Personal Journey
2) Opus: Identifying the Mind’s Mark
Disc 4:7) Crescendo: Contemporary Christian Music (Part 1)
8) Crescendo: Contemporary Christian Music (Part 2)
Disc 2:3) Motive: Music Mechanics & Body Language
4) 1st Movement: Music History 450 AD – 1969
Disc 5:9) Serenade: Music in Worship
10) The Four Cs of Christianity
Disc 3:5) 2nd Movement: Music History 1970 – 1990
6) 3rd Movement: Music History 1991 – 2011


Walter Veith: Repairing the Breach
(15 DVDs, € 100.00, Item No. 9270)

NOTE: If you order the complete series it will be shipped in one softcase unless you wish each DVD in a hardcase (which may result in higher postage).

The series provides an update on Total Onslaught, Walter Veith´s previous 36-DVD set. This new 15-DVD series includes an in-depth study on the king of the north found in Daniel 11, and discusses Biblical prophecies and their modern applications. Veith unveils the king of the north as the head of a global, religio-political system that encompasses all religions. Also revealed will be the true identity of the king of the south. Is it Islam, as many claim? Is Allah the same as our God, as many proclaim him to be? Learn the similarities between Catholicism and the Qur´an, and be informed about the unifying measures that many world religions are participating in that diminish the truth about Jesus. Most importantly, be confirmed in the truth God has given His remnant and prepare for the soon coming of Jesus Christ.

1. Thou Shalt Call His Name Jesus (€ 7.00, Item No. 9271)9. The Foundations of Many Generations – Part 1 (€ 7.00, Item No. 9279)
2. The King of the North – Part 1 (€ 7.00, Item No. 9272)10. The Foundations of Many Generations – Part 2 (€ 7.00, Item No. 9280)
3. The King of the North – Part 2 (€ 7.00, Item No. 9273)11. Announcements from Heaven (€ 7.00, Item No. 9281)
4. Reaping the Whirlwind – Part 1 (€ 7.00, Item No. 9274)12. Elias (€ 7.00, Item No. 9282)
5. Reaping the Whirlwind – Part 2 (€ 7.00, Item No. 9275)13. Repairing the Breach (€ 7.00, Item No. 9283)
6. Brass for Gold (€ 7.00, Item No. 9276)14. Get Away from the Tents (€ 7.00, Item No. 9284)
7. Give Me This Mountain (€ 7.00, Item No. 9277)15. The Threshing Floor (€ 7.00, Item No. 9285)
8. The King of the North Embracing World Religions (€ 7.00, Item No. 9278)

Walter Veith: Total Transformation
(18 DVDs, € 108.00, Item No. 9270)

Check out these riveting new talks by Professor Walter Veith! God´s people today are the antitype of the children of Israel. Their experience is our experience. Their condition is our condition. Their disobedience is our disobedience. Their lesson in the wilderness is our lesson in the wilderness. Their Laodicean state is our Laodicean state. Their rebellion is our rebellion.

This series is a call to unity and affiliation. It is not a critique but a diagnosis of the Church´s condition. It will lift the spirits and encourage all who are sighing and crying in the Church.

1. Co-dependence (€  7.00, Item No. 91001)10. Am I my Brother´s Keeper? (€ 7.00, Item No. 91010)
2. Thou Art Mine (€ 7.00, Item No. 91002)11. Mordecai in the Gate (€ 7.00, Item No. 91011)
3. 1844 in Type and Antitype (€ 7.00, Item No. 91003)12. Jeremiah: Prophet of Doom (€ 7.00, Item No. 91012)
4. 1888: On the Borders of Canaan (€ 7.00, Item No. 91004)13. Haggai: A Call to Sanctification (€ 7.00, Item No. 91013)
5. No Time for Rebellion (€ 7.00, Item No. 91005)14. Nehemiah: Governor of Israel (€ 7.00, Item No. 91014)
6. Nothing But This Manna (€ 7.00, Item No. 91006)15. Ruth: From Ashes to Glory (€ 7.00, Item No. 91015)
7. Look and Live (€ 7.00, Item No. 91007)16. I Hear the Rumbling (€ 7.00, Item No. 91016)
8. Baal-Peor (€ 7.00, Item No. 91008)17. I Hear an Abundance of Rain (€ 7.00, Item No. 91017)
9. Laodicea: The Piercing Look (€ 7.00, Item No. 91009)18. More are the Children of the Barren Woman (€ 7.00, Item No. 91018)

Walter Veith: Rekindling the Reformation
(11 DVDs, € 72.00, Item No. 9930)

Rekindling the Reformation is an 11-part series of inspiring and relevant multimedia presentations on the pivotal issues of the Reformation and how they relate to present day. Dr. Walter Veith clarifies the disputes that led to the horrific and bloody persecutions of the Dark Ages and demonstrates the urgency of understanding the same principles that are still under attack today.

Millions of faithful servants died for pivotal truths found in the Word of God, such as the identity of the Antichrist and salvation by grace alone. Their sacrifice succeeded in subduing an empire and making freedom of religion and thought possible. But, their success was short-lived. Through the centuries since the Reformation, we have lost the beliefs the reformers stood for. We have allowed God´s truth to be mixed with error. Today, we reap the repercussions of our lethargic neglect. The Roman Empire´s wound is healed, and politicians and heads of state follow without reluctance.

This series is not a history lesson. It is a call to rekindle the principles of the Reformation and to re-examine the fundamental truths upon which the Reformers such as Calvin, Luther, and Zwingli stood. Dr. Veith presents clear insight into the underlying objectives of today´s political, economic, and religious maneuverings. He explains why we may have to fight the battle of the Reformation all over again. Will you know the issues and understand the enemies´ tactics enough to resist error? This series will help equip you.

1. Twin Pillars of the Reformation (€ 7.00, Item No. 9931)7. Heritage of Israel (€ 7.00, Item No. 9937)
2. Let There Be Light (€ 7.00, Item No. 9932)8. The Jesuits and the Counter Reformation – Part 1 (€ 7.00, Item No. 9938)
3. They Have Made Void Thy Law – Part 1 (€ 7.00, Item No. 9933)9. The Jesuits and the Counter Reformation – Part 2 (€ 7.00, Item No. 9939)
4. The Beamable Sustainable Princes (€ 7.00, Item No. 9934)10. The Typology of Deliverance (€ 7.00, Item No. 9940)
5. They Have Made Void Thy Law – Part 2 (€ 7.00, Item No. 9935)11. A Price To Be Paid (€ 7.00, Item No. 9941)
6. The Fourth Man in the Furnace (€ 7.00, Item No. 9936)

Walter Veith: Total Onslaught
(37 DVDs, € 180.00, Item No. 9200)

This series is a chapter by chapter study through the book of Revelation, showing how events in the 20th century including today’s news fulfill Biblical prophecy. This series is like no other: New World Order, Secret Societies, Islam, New Age Philosophies, United Nations, Government and more! See how the Bible applies to your world. As you see the Total Onslaught on Jesus Christ and His Kingdom, you will be amazed at how close we really are!

1. Just Another Man? (€ 7.00, Item No. 9201)19. The Wine of Babylon (€ 7.00, Item No. 9219)
2. Where Jesus Walked (€ 7.00, Item No. 9202)20. A Woman Rides the Beast (€ 7.00, Item No. 9220)
3. An Advocate For Our Time (€ 7.00, Item No. 9203)21. A New World Order (€ 7.00, Item No. 9221)
4. The Mists of Time (€ 7.00, Item No. 9204)22. The Mystic Realm of Death (€ 7.00, Item No. 9222)
5. The Man Behind The Mask (€ 7.00, Item No. 9205)23. The New Age Agenda (€ 7.00, Item No. 9223)
6. The Revelation of Jesus Christ (€ 7.00, Item No. 9206)24. That All May Be One (€ 7.00, Item No. 9224)
7. Seven Churches (€ 7.00, Item No. 9207)25. Strange Fire (€ 7.00, Item No. 9225)
8. Seven Seals (€ 7.00, Item No. 9208)26. The UN & the Occult Agenda (€ 7.00, Item No. 9226)
9. When Trumpets Sound (€ 7.00, Item No. 9209)27. The Battle of the Giants (€ 7.00, Item No. 9227)
10. The Beast from the Bottomless Pit (€ 7.00, Item No. 9210)28. A Stone to Rest Your Head (€ 7.00, Item No. 9228)
11. The Secret Behind Secret Societies (€ 7.00, Item No. 9211)29. God’s Guiding Gift (€ 7.00, Item No. 9229)
12. Hidden Agendas (€ 7.00, Item No. 9212)30. Earth’s Final Warning (€ 7.00, Item No. 9230)
13. Battle of the Bibles (€ 7.00, Item No. 9213)31. The Loud Cry (€ 7.00, Item No. 9231)
14. Changing the Word – Part 1, 2 & 3 (€ 14.00, Item No. 9214)32. 1844 & The Final Onslaught (€ 7.00, Item No. 9232)
15. Revolutions, Tyrants & Wars (€ 7.00, Item No. 9215)33. Signs & Wonders (€ 7.00, Item No. 9233)
16. The Islamic Connection (€ 7.00, Item No. 9216)34. History’s Coming Climax (€ 7.00, Item No. 9234)
17. The Crime of All Ages (€ 7.00, Item No. 9217)35. The Long Awaited Millennium (€ 7.00, Item No. 9235)
18. Two Beasts Become Friends (€ 7.00, Item No. 9218)36. The Greatest Invitation (€ 7.00, Item No. 9236)

Walter Veith: Truth Matters
(Book, € 19.00, Item No. 208)
Out of stock!

Covering many topics of the Total Onslaught DVD series! An authoritative book on the full message of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
A clear and thorough presentation of the issues of Biblical prophecy, the end time, the second coming,
the three angels‘ messages, life after death, the New Age movement, the sanctuary message,
political and ecumenical movements pertinent to our day, and much more.

Over 530 pages, paperback, 2nd edition, updated and revised. Complete with graphs, illustrations and photos.


Walter Veith: X-Case
(47 DVDs, € 380.00, Item No. 9120)

Get all the true insight into the creation vs. evolution controversy, top relevant biblical endtime prophecy, and the story of Walter Veith’s transformation from an atheist into a committed Christian and Seventh-day Adventist!

Total Onslaught (37 DVDs)The Genesis Conflict (8 DVDs)The Final Conflict (1 DVD)My Life Story (1 DVD)