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Mehr Henry Stober

Mehr Walter Veith
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Henry Stober, Walter Veith:
Africa - Continent Of Origin - Episode 1

- A new film project about this wonderful and unique continent.
- A place where you'll find an abundance of wildlife and magnificent nature.
- Is a documentary that was filmed in the last few years with extensive travels in 9 African countries.
- Is filled with the finest film scenes by Henry Stober, shot in unique situations throughout this continent and have resulted in a work of art that gets under your skin. Discover the breath-taking variety of life in the sea, the air and on land in all its beauty. This production makes a clear case for the premise that mankind is not the result of coincidence, but bears the unmistakable signature of a loving Creator.

is the amazing life-conversion-story of Walter Veith, packed with a huge amount of nautre scenes during the production time.

AFRICA is a documentary that is packed with amazing orchestral soundtracks that uplifts your mind to Him who created Heaven and Earth.

Also available in: German and Portuguese

Documentation, Fall 2015
Playtime: 76min
Format 16:9

€ 15,00*
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