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    Ronny Schreiber:
    Time of the End - The Events of the Last Days

    An increasing number of people are sensing that the world is on the brink of a cataclysmic change. More than ever before we need to take to heart Jesus’ injunction to be sober and watchful as we see the signs of the end intensify on every hand. The Bible reveals a hidden movement to unite church and state into a mighty alliance threatening God’s faithful people with extermination. But while Satan is desperate in his efforts to overthrow God’s purposes Christ is empowering His church to illuminate the whole earth with the glory of His gospel. The fi nal controversy between light and darkness will usher in a victorious time where all things are made new by the hands of a loving Creator. Let’s seek His merciful presence and get ready!

    1. Signs of the end
    2. The night is coming
    3. Two bright stars
    4. The darkest hour
    5. Rescue at midnight
    6. The restoration
    7. The eternal joy

    Ronny Schreiber has been working as an evangelist, Bible worker and trained medical missionary in various parts of the world. He loves to teach and preach about the prophetic books of the Bible as well as topics dealing with the sanctuary and creation vs. evolution. Coming from an evangelical background, Ronny, today, is an ardent Seventh-day Adventist believing in the soon return of Christ in the clouds of heaven.

    Duration: 6:15 h
    7 presentations on 2 DVDs
    Recorded in February 2019 in Eckental, Germany


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