Walter Veith, Olaf Schröer

Location: Radoslava Grujica 4, 11000 Belgrade (the main hall of the SDA church)
Organiser: The Seventh-day Adventist church.

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24.10. – Big Five

What are the most important life questions? The lecturer identifies five major questions that every person takes into consideration at least once in a lifetime. Discover if there is any scientific evidence that we are not accidental passers-by on this planet?

25.10. – Rightousness and Reconciliation

Let us go back to the Scripture and preach its message, allowing Scripture to be its own interpreter without looking back on numerus contradictory opinions of religious leaders. No man on this earth has monopoly on the truth. The truth is independent in relation to humans. It is from God; that is because the truth is Christ himself.

26.10. – The Trump Card

Does the election of the president Trump take us closer to the fulfilling of the prophecy found in the book of Revelation chapter 13? Take closer look at the prophecy and compare it with the activities of the new elected president and with the contemporary trends in American society, especially with the tendency of merging church and state. The Bible prophesies this coalition, comparing it with a marriage of interest and linking it to events that precede the second coming of Jesus Christ to our planet. Is it possible that we are witnesses of these final events?

27.10. – The Coming Conflict (3 Angels‘ Messages)

The books of Revelation describes the conflict between good and evil, truth and error, Christ and Satan, as a conflict that stretches throughout the millennials of the history of mankind. Lucifer’s centuries long hatred toward God and God’s children brought much more bloodshed, pain, and suffering than many think. Twelfth chapter of Revelation prophesies the great final conflict that will affect the whole earth.

28.10. – Where is the solution? (Take Jesus)

What or Who is the solution for this global crisis?